Here's some Ghost Mall for you...

P.s. Lauren Tischler did a write up about them for Obscure Sound---GOONS Labels:

Prime Targets (0)

With Alex Graf as the front man, Jared Cool relaxing on bass behind him and Carter Mardiney productively pounding away on the drums, the Prime Targets are a sound you cannot ignore.

As the Prime Targets have reached the one year mark with successfully not having any band member changes or break ups; which is harder then it sounds. They look like what could be the next big thing, so go check them out on myspace  and go download their EP for free!



Is everyone out there getting ready for NAENIA @ The Loft  !?

Poughkeepsie's Break Contest Winners from the 2010 series, will be playing their first HEADLINING Show EVER! At Poughkeepsie's very own Loft ,at The Chance Complex!

So everyone go take a listen to there new track PeterGriffen Tail @

and then come see them at The Loft on Saturday August 28th,2010 Labels:

The First Of Many (0)

So the first Young845 Open Mic night warped up in success, with 60+ people on a Monday night the room was filled with people of every shape and size and they all had their own sound to hypnotize the crowd with.

With the highlights being
  • Local beat-boxer "ezzz" and hip hop artist Nate Cayea doing a surprise duo
  • And The Bearded Four with their hit single" Booty On My Mind"
the crowd was left with cell phones out and mouth parted!

Thank you to Kelley Hartmann for taking photos!

If you have any suggestions to improve the open mic's; send a email to:


Weird Korea (0)

Ladies & Gentleman I give Weird Korea - strait out of Purchase College...


Taste Of Fate @ The Loft! (0)

Taste Of Fate, a five-piece hardcore band that started in Late Of 2006, has come a long way in the past four years. First of all not many bands there age can stay together for that long without having many member changes; but TOF has found a way to do it. Also with opportunitys to open up for bands like  The Chariot, Oh, Sleeper, Asking Alexandria, Enter Shikari, and Alesana.So it's a given  that they have found a sound that people enjoy.

So go check them out on Myspace!

By there EP and Support The Music!!!


Phoenicia Festival of the Voice (0)

The Phoenicia Festival of the Voice, a 3-day extravaganza of world-class vocal performances, will debut this summer, August 13-15 in the picturesque village of Phoenicia, NY, in the heart of the Catskill Mountains.

Check it out HERE